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Góralski Domek w Pieninach - komentarze i opinie

RCadnvIiHNBGTOF  2.05.2013 00.04
I totally agree with Pawel. Warsaw doesn't have the model looks of Krakow. It's face has been screard and mostly reconstructed. The pathos of the city is something that isn't recognised by tourists hunting for weekend break destinationsI won't bore you all with the history lesson as I know you know but for the 1st time visitor to Warsaw I would thoroughly recommend the first place you should see is the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Apart from it being a fascinating place in it's own right, the Museum will explain to you why Warsaw is as it is. The Second World War still runs through the blood of many Poles and Varsovians. It shaped the city and in my opinion lends poignancy to otherwise anonymous street corners where you might happen across a wall plaque telling you that 35 Poles were executed at the same spot you are standing at. Or the old Gestapo H.Q. at Aleja Szucha which has been preserved as a very modest museum.To describe Lazienki Park simply as a park is a slight understatement. St Paul's Cathedral is a church but there are churches and then there are CHURCHES.Having spent last weekend in Warsaw I can honestly say that a walk through Lazienki Park gives you an enormous feel good factor. Maybe it was the weather (70 degrees), or the laughter of some school kids throwing bread to the carp in the lake, or the smell of the lilac trees even though you're standing a good 50 metres away from them (why do flowers and plants smell so much stronger in Poland than in the UK ?????).It's just a wonderful place to walk and Poles love to walk or in the true sense of the word promenade .
aVBGpCPtWqHWE  2.05.2013 03.53
That is a very beautiful note on New Year's Day to all of us that have waechtd with tremendous angst the trial of ESW.We are all down heartened by the verdict, especially as the judge was willing to quote that Mohammed did indeed, according to Islamic doctrine, have sex with a 9 year old...Our western judicial system has been turned upside down by this. Why isn't the judge brought up on "hate speech" for daring to say this in open court?Many times and, this is one of those times, people do not strive to be defenders of others but are found in that situation. Most capitulate and go back to the shadows.ESW, you have picked up the gauntlet and are fighting for ME! As are all the others you mention in your kind New Year's note.I want you to know that I support you, GOV, Vlad, especially the translators (thank you, thank you, thank you)! And, everyone else (including the GOV readers that are open minded enough to consider these events rather than just dismiss them).I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and your legal team. I try to do my small bit here in the US and rest assured, I am watching very closely.May the New Year bring you and us by extension) justice.Fondly,Babs
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